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Tomorrow Shall Be As Today

by Wasted Wine



This album was produced in conjunction with the (since defunct) Greenville based contemporary art group CafFeine and funded by the Greenville Metropolitan Arts Council. Each song was written based on art given to Robert and Adam about 3 months prior to the albums conception. Looking to achieve a more full sound than their previous record, the two turned to more electric instruments along with their already well established acoustic blend, totaling 34 unique instruments on the record. The end result made it impossible for the two to perform these songs live, so they teamed up with local electric folk group Little Soul (Robert and Lou Buckingham) to premier the work for the albums release show.
Album comes with a PDF booklet including images of the art!


released November 25, 2010


All music, performances, and lyrics by Adam Murphree and Robert Gowan with the exception of:

Electric Guitar - Robert Buckingham, track 2
Vibraslap - Daniel Auvil, track 3
Voice - Robert Buckingham, track 10
Voice - Emily Hale (now Gowan), track 11
Voice - Lou Buckingham, track 11


The Silent Life
The Artists by Melissa Early - Glass Beads and Thread

Ten Thousand Years
Looking North, Looking Forward by Robert Urban - acrylic with ink and enamel on canvas

The Cult
Clown Cult by Allen Coleman - watercolor, gouache, acrylic & colored pencil on paper

A Modern Hymn
The Good Christian by Deborah Pagano - assemblage

Something Here Does Not Belong
Host II by Maya Adams-Smith - porcelain

Sweet Silver
Mr. Briggs' Whirligigs by Lynn Greer - watercolor on paper

A Sailor's Tear
Oceanic Dreams by Eileen Powell - ceramics

Heat by Alexia Timberlake - plexiglass, casting wax, oil, wood, bolts

The Egg Truck Killer
Untitled by Judy Verhoeven - mixed media

Always Fresh, Always Delicious
Always Fresh Always Delicious by JJ Ohlinger - watercolor on paper

What is it about you
Aloha Harvey by Darlene Fuhst - oil on panel



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Wasted Wine Greenville, South Carolina

Wasted Wine is a band based in Greenville, SC. Their songs combine Eastern European melodies, Middle Eastern instruments, cryptic lyrical storytelling, and complex, suite-like song structures, woven together in their own strange blend of homemade prog-rock. Live, the band is often accompanied by Discordia Arts, featuring theatrics, dance, fire, and much more. ... more

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Track Name: The Silent Life
I shut my door on the weeping world just to shoot myself in the foot
The virtues of the silent life are a dull and a vague as they look
For a cup of tea would I cross the sea
For a warm reply would I close my eyes
Till it’s hard to see when the sun might rise
Or when I’m dreaming (Or when I’m dreaming)

Now hand me my hand and help me to stand and throw back the great grey door
The hard and the grand and the dead to display, much brighter than mornings before
The steam in your ears it just withers away and I’ll sit here and suffer no more

I want the London Eye and the desert sky and the finest works of art
So give me a spade I’ve no honor to trade I don’t care if my mind falls apart

Now who kicked these walls, who scraped and who scrawled, who spoke in a voice so low
Well mine was the thumb and the tongue and the leg, but who’s was the head I don’t know
There’s nothing I need so there’s no need to beg, for yesterday is so long ago

I want the London Eye and the desert sky and the finest works of art
So give me a spade I’ve no honor to trade I don’t care – I don’t care

Until I lay me down in the cold black ground
(And I’m gonna miss everybody)
Track Name: Ten Thousand Years
I’ve been lost 10,000 years and still I’ve never known.
Just where my secrets buried down and where my savior grows.
I’ve torn all these cold walls down but still have never found
Just where my pain is hidden underground- just where my pain is hidden underground.

Take me to my favorite place and walk a while with me.
Take me to the river where it runs into the sea.
Hold me underwater, turn and then just let me be.
I’ll whisper to you later through the trees- I’ll whisper to you later through the trees.

For 13 days I’ve sold my self but yet I never feel.
The cigarettes still burn my flesh but never fail to heal.
If I met the devil well, I’d ask him for a deal.
I’d ask him to leave well enough alone- I’d ask him to leave well enough alone.

Tracing lines in sheets of where my lover used to lie
We promised if we stayed in love we’d never learn to die.
My claims of fascination caught a gleam behind her eye.
I’ve never hid behind a cloud so high- I’ve never hid behind a cloud so high.
Track Name: The Cult
When we were weak and lying ill you pick us up and we are healed.
When we are lost you take our hands and there you stand. And there you stand.
So white your skin, so soft your hair.
We have no voice, you take us there.
There are no words except your prayers.
Like mothers milk you take us there.

Open us up and fill our minds for we’re all lost. We can’t forget.
The world we know was cracked and cold. You’re framed in gold. You’re framed in gold.
Our withered features, we are repaired.
There is a place, you take us there
Where holy laughter fills the air
You lay us down, you take us there.

Now draw us in with open arms and hold us close in blinding light.
And place our feet with hands so strong were we belong- where we belong.
Cast them out for all to stare.
They are alone so take us there.
But what they suffer, we are spared
The meek and lame, so take us there.

We need you now in wicked times. As heavy clouds hang overhead.
Save us from love, save us from fear. We’re happy here- we’re happy here.
Then we are saved by what we’ve seen.
Our bodies turn. Yes, we believe.
But where we are we’ll always be.
If morning comes, yes, we believe.
Track Name: A Modern Hymn
Lord of all our petty pleasures. Lord of cheap convenient love.
Turn our eyes towards earthy comforts, make our places fine above.
Bless our will and bless our weapons. Make the rich and strong our friends.
Keep the beggar off our doorstep, grant him quick and quiet end.

Lord of selfish ceremony. Fill our ears with useless praise.
All our clever critics lower. All our dull defenders raise.
When our sins to all expose us hold us close unto your breast.
Bless us far beyond our needs and love us more than all the rest.

When the meek inherit Earth be sure our Heaven’s paved with gold.
As our children grow to marry keep their love of equal yolk.
Tempt us not to help our neighbors lest we cast our pearls to swine.
Keep our love as pure oh Lord as I to me and thee to thine.

Let our gold and let our silver don our heads with Heavens crown.
As we age keep high our heads but keep our secrets underground.
As we lay our weary heads to rest pray others do not see.
That you are but and empty vessel. Nearer draw my God to me.
Track Name: Something Here Does Not Belong
When I first found her on my step her arms and legs were disconnected.
Heart was slung across her back; she cried her eyes out in my lap.
I picked her bones up from the street. She needed me to feel complete.
I grabbed a needle and some thread and sowed her arms unto her head.
Her mind was empty like a drum. Her thoughts stuck to my feet like gum.
I sat her in my favorite chair and tried to reattach her hair.

Now something here does not belong. I’ve sown her back together wrong.
I didn’t she’d look so strange with just a few parts rearranged.
I only meant to fix her up and leave her whole and happy but
I’ve sown her back together wrong. Now something here does not belong.

When I finished there were pieces left. I gave back most but kept the rest.
I used her nails to scratch my itch. Her hand or feet, I’m not sure which.
I fixed her broken dreams and smile. I put her best parts in a pile.
I’ve never really liked my frown. I hung it on her upside-down.
This nose is rather cute, and yes. I think it damn well suits me best!
Her love was cold and insincere. With gentle words I filled her ear.

Now something here does not belong. I’ve sown her back together wrong.
I didn’t think it would be so strange with just a few parts rearranged.
I only meant to fix her up and leave her whole and happy but
I’ve sown her back together wrong. Now something here does not belong.

As we dance away the moonlit night she holds her hand I hold my right.
We’ve traded more than words you see. I’d guess you’d say she’s part of me.
I’m part of her and you can tell. She has my mouth and wears it well.
I put her hands upon my hips, or are they mine? Oh, I forget!
She stays with me but not by choice. I hold her heart she has my voice.
And when we kiss it’s quite bizarre, ‘cause we’re not sure just who we are.

Now something here does not belong. I’ve sown us back together wrong.
I didn’t it’d be so strange with just a few parts rearranged.
I only meant to fix us up and leave us whole and happy but
I’ve sown us back together wrong. Now we don’t belong.
Track Name: Sweet Silver
Aren’t you sweet and oh of silver as you walk from room to room?
Don’t you look exactly like him through her honey colored curls?
Aren’t you firm and full of secrets with your black eyes like lagoons?
You’re the halo on her shoulder. You’re the wonder of her world.

Don’t you want him all the time?
Don’t you want him till he takes your wealth away?

Now the moon you’ve never whispered and the sun you’ve never saw.
But you’re easy to remember on a warm September night
With a rose over your shoulder and a table for a tongue
You’re azure to all my senses in the early morning light.

Don’t you want him all the time?
Don’t you want him till he takes your wealth away?
Track Name: A Sailor's Tear
The things we loved in ages past.
The iron leg the golden mast.
The silvers ores we used to row,
Have found a better place below.

Peel off the moss and come inside.
The door is locked the rope is tied.
Here’s all that’s left of yester-year,
A tattooed arm, a sailor’s tear.
Track Name: Heat
The sun has set, you’re falling (you’re falling)
I’ll take you home tomorrow (tomorrow)

To something you’ve never seen

To something you’ve never seen

To something you’ve never seen

You’ll never know what love can hold
You’re falling through the edge of what we know
I touched your face and when you spoke
Tomorrow’s gone before I awoke

Here we have always known you
Here we have love to show you
Here we have all you’ve ever known

There are no tears in Heaven (in Heaven)
Upon the ground amongst the leaves there is a trace of where you have been.
You spend your whole life waiting (just waiting)
My hands were full you stood so strong I came to see but found that you were gone.
For something
Here we have always known you
For something
Here we have love to show you
For something
Here we have all you’ve ever known
Track Name: The Egg Truck Killer
Well I’m look through the peep-hole at the motion picture show.
I see you looking proud with pretty maids all in a row.
There must be something behind that screen.
I’m sure it must be hard being the queen.

Every night a different outfit, everyday a different man.
It looks so dumb and easy but I must not understand.
It can’t be simple to set such a scene.
I’m sure it must be hard being the queen.

Sometimes your nail breaks and your hair is bad.
Sometimes your heart aches and you feel so sad.

Well you’re prim and proud and modest but you don’t like being served.
I’m that everything you have is something you deserve.
You’re always smiling but what does that really mean?
I’m sure it must be hard being the queen.
Track Name: Always Fresh, Always Delicious
Daniel is reaching in the machine.
When Saundra sees him she shows her teeth.
How can she love while her claws grow long?
When Daniel is reaching and Saundra is seeking out something to make her feel young.

Daniel is sleeping in someone’s bed
Tossing and turning voices in his head.
How can he sleep with the TV on?
When Daniel is sleeping the workers are leaving. I’m sure they’ll be home before long.

Always delicious so fresh and clean, people will always feed the machine.
How could we all have been so wrong?

Saundra is eating out of someone’s hand.
Daniel is lying underneath the fan.
They did not hear the machine turn on.
While Saundra was eating
Somebody was creeping.
Now, Daniel and Saundra are gone.

It’s always fresh always delicious!
Track Name: What is it about you
What is it about you your hair or your grin
That allows you to fold and bend in the wind
Your strength is all anger your heart is in a sling
I’ll bring wine to the widows when our words kill the king

A flag on a tower and note in the street
Before you began you were bitter and weak
Of the two we once were so young and so keen
As you howl at the moon I sit and I dream

How like a soft breeze oh so gentle with ease
I’ve been waiting for you to return to me
I’ve put love aside, bent cross to abide
But I’m weary and filled with your emptiness

While God is in Heaven I dare not to pray
I’m sure if I asked he’d keep you away
If the best things in life come to those who can wait
One day I’ll find love, One day I’ll feel hate