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And when you wake up

by Wasted Wine



Wasted Wine's first album featuring Robert Gowan and Adam Murphys' early duo work. Released in 2007-2008 this album is an early representation of the years to come. Recorded primarily to document the "coffee shop" years, Gowan and Murphy present a stark duo sound meant to capture what it was like to see Wasted Wine live during those magical years. This limited instrumentation and exposed presentation gives "And When You Wake Up," a very unique flare and highlights the acoustic folk roots behind the songwriting still employed by Wasted Wine today.


released May 13, 2008

Robert Gowan: baritone, violin, guitar, harmonium, percussion
Adam Murphy: tenor, guitar, bouzouki, harmonium, percussion

Recorded 2007-2008 at home and in Broken Records Studios in Caycee, SC. Mixed and Mastered by J. Doten.



all rights reserved


Wasted Wine Greenville, South Carolina

Wasted Wine is a band based in Greenville, SC. Their songs combine Eastern European melodies, Middle Eastern instruments, cryptic lyrical storytelling, and complex, suite-like song structures, woven together in their own strange blend of homemade prog-rock. Live, the band is often accompanied by Discordia Arts, featuring theatrics, dance, fire, and much more. ... more

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Track Name: Karl Zann
So I said,
"Don't make a sound,
We'll be found
if my father is walking.
Keep your head
close to the ground,
like a dead man I'm weary of talking."
But the scene of the dream of the crime
didn't mean that the scheme wasn't mine.

"Friend, you know
I wasn't there
I was scared
of his mode of discussion
and the slow
chill in the air
that would throw
us into submission.
Like a wise woman's eye's can't conceive
of her demise as she tries not the grieve,
I'm dismayed and betrayed by degrees.
I must take my leave!"

“Please don’t go,
I said I could pay
bow your head and pray
the angels are coming.
Hear them crow,
their wings have turned gray
lost their glow
and slate feathers are falling.
Like a cold calculated disease,
watch the greed as it takes what it sees.”

“Save your grin,
for if I stop here
then I fear
something evil will happen.
At the end
the harmony’s clear
but it’s been getting louder and laughing.
And you know if you show that you’re weak,
then you’ll grow and you’ll sow what you reap.
So lay down your arms and accept your defeat.
With a kiss on the cheek."
Track Name: Heaven
I broke your heart
but it must be known.
It really wasn’t very easy.
I didn’t do it alone.
And I admit it didn’t please me
that you should know the reasons why.
You played your part
when you should’ve just lied.

And I can’t help but think that it seemed suspicious
you always wore a cross but you never were religious.
Wasn’t I vicious? Wasn’t I cruel? 20 thousand dollars and they send you back to school.
Now isn’t that justice a penny for your pain?
All of my wives come slingin’ that cane.
Where do we go mane? I don’t even know.
Take me back to Heaven where the streets are paved with gold.

I needed cash
but as you saw.
It was exceptionally crucial;
It wasn’t for a good cause.
And I was never one for scruples
Yo, I was never one for pride.
I was running from the lash
when I shoulda just lied.


We lived like kings.
You were as tender as a rose.
When the deal went down,
hell, you were payin’ out the nose.
I didn’t want your crown.
I doesn’t matter what you’ve heard.
I didn’t really even say them things.
I only said those words.

(Chorus) x2
Track Name: The Shining Sea
Well, old Daniel Morgan came in from the rain
singin’ good was the flesh that the Word once became.
He slept in the corner but ain’t it a shame
that the redcoats weren’t supposed to be sleeping.

And as soon as they noticed that teardrop tattoo
and the rings on his fingers and the scar on his arm.
They fired their muskets and raised the alarm
while the town was still still and still sleeping.

And you are like. You are like.
You are like some long forgotten memory.

Back against the wall he unleashed his soul
while breaking glass and laughter made music of their own.
The voice of an angel singing Corpus Christi
burns bright enough you know there must be a fee.

The heat burns through everything including the waves.
And the moon is a virgin you can’t turn away.
Memento mori for you are easily a dream.
The river invites you no bleeding no screams.

And you are like. You are like.
You are like some long forgotten memory.
Track Name: Ozeanne
Ich hasse mich selbst und will sterben. Bitte toten Sie.
Mich und, den ich mich nicht sorgen werde.
Ich will in Boden liegen.

wo ich bin
nicht gefunden
zu warden

Ozeane winken, unterwidert zu.
Heim von den ich nie habe gefuhlt vor.
Nimmt mich bald,
in Tod oder Leben
Bitte toten Sie.
Track Name: His Best Friend's Wife
crustacean claws and a moonlight nail
were Henry Martin’s sole possessions
he drank his lord’s vermillion ale
before he went to take confession
and he had a famous wandering eye
a well-known crabwise smile
and when he saw Maggie Taylor’s face
his mind could not erase
it no no matter how he tried
he could not resist his best friend’s wife

now Maggie Taylor’s hair was red
she was a famous Charleston actress
she slept in Arthur Taylor’s bed
but she did not enjoy his practice
Arthur Taylor was a student of the law
he suffered all he saw
and when Maggie was standing on the stage
he was not engaged
at all he had other eyes
staring down at Henry Martin’s smile

once Maggie flashed an emerald look
midsummer night at Henry Martin
his eyes were in the Holy Book
he never saw her in her tartan
but he looked up as Arthur Taylor’s kiss
cleaved Maggie’s ruby lips
and when Maggie turned and look away
Henry was amazed
to see the color in her cheeks
he could barely sleep for seven weeks

then Henry Martin dreamt a dream
there on the floor of Arthur Taylor
and he heard Arthur’s strange decree
I wouldn’t blame you for my failures
for my wife has a spirit of her own
and I’m away from home
we were friends for twenty-seven years
and I won’t cry your tears
for you but I will do my part
someday Maggie’s gonna break your heart

then Henry Martin woke right up
as Maggie stepped into the kitchen
she smashed her husband’s favorite cup
and drank his whiskey from a pitcher
and Henry Martin put his hand upon her blouse
but she began to shout
and she pushed him down onto the floor
saying friend I’ll have no more
of this this will be your end
how could you betray your sweetest friend
Track Name: Der Giftgingeist
Tired of fighting with his hag of a wife,
Adam the butcher went into the forest
to take out his anger on the trees with a knife,
and deep in the woodland, he saw the sweet face of
his love, first love, dead love, last love, he saw his long-lost love.

He called to the phantom as his mouth cracked with cold,
but the figure had vanished, and on a crude table lay
a bottle of gin and a note from the ghost.
And, written in blood, were the words he'd been long hoped
to hear: "Come here, my dear, I'm near, don't fear.

"Dear Adam, have a drink dear,
have a tiny little sip, you'll slip
as the loving liquid takes you, you'll see, you'll like it
in shadows it's dark and cold (I will warm you up)
don't wait, for you're growing old (I can't wait for love)
please, drink the gin, please, drink the gin, and let poison do you in
(I want to have you and leave this life I'm in)"

Choking on tears Adam threw down the gin
He fell to his knees crying out to his children
"To leave you alone would be too great a sin"
and the eldest of sons saw his chance through the trees
in the night. "The time is right to strike," he whispered in delight:

"Cheer up, dad, have a drink, oh
take a tasty little sip, go on
Let the flavor overwhelm you,
it's good, it's sweet, you'll feel better,
we'll certainly understand (they won't miss me)
with you gone, I'm the lord of the land (she will kiss me)
it's simple, you see, take a swig and be free of the this world, leave the
rest up to me
(I'll be free and my true love will rest next to me)"

Then in a flash, Adam saw through it all:
his wife and his son and his love only cared
for themselves. It'd be weakness to let himself fall,
so He grabbed the poison and headed home
with a newly formed plan, and the flask in his hand, he stood at the
nightstand, and took his wife by her hand

"My darling, have a drink, I'm
sorry for that awful racket outside,
take a sip of this elixir, it's good
it'll help, you sleep, oh so soundly
Each morning I know you must be (and she drinks it down)
well-rested to tyrannize me. (the whole bottle down)
Now go torment the one who claimed my life was done and make sure to save
a space for your son"

So Adam discovered
what you need to be happy.
He buried his wife,
and kicked out his son
He went to Welfare Ford-Mercury
and bought a beat up old jalopy
for nineteen nine-ninety
our story
is done.
Track Name: Fashionistas
Two days late they cut my phone.
I lost my home.
I was only skin and bones
but I held on.
With a word they sold it all.
I watched it fall.
Every brick in every wall
but I held on.

And now I swear I’m going back
but now I’m bound to share my tracks
and I think she said her name was Sasha Grey.
Every time her fingers curl
I wind up halfway around the world
and I’m glad but soon the clouds will roll away.

Now she’s wise beyond her years
so spare your tears
when you’re young some things aren’t clear but she hold on.
We may lose the arm in arm
but there’s no harm
every city’s got it’s charm
so we hold on


Now our nation I’ve heard said
may fall down dead
but I’d like to think instead that we’ll hold on.
There’s still so much left to hide
I’m by her side
no more shall we divide
for we’ll hold on

Track Name: Wave Goodbye
When your brothers won't love you at all,
and your sisters are strange as your skin,
and your father is dying but pretends not to know,
and your lips are thirsty and thin,

when you stare at the old southern cross,
when you speak not the tongue of your kin,
you can take off your black face and stand on your own;
it's alright if you won't let me in.

wave goodbye to your sorrow my friend
sleep will come once your body is fed
so keep following me to your end
I’ve a place, for you laid out ahead

keep running and watching your feet
keep painting your hands and mouth red
if you want me please tell me be more discreet
help me pull my tongue unto the bed
Track Name: Kool-Aid Kid
Dark and bleak
red mouthed and weak
Alone half naked and orphaned

Mother wept
She shook her head
and left him outside in the rain

where oh where can I go now
where oh where can I be

who will have me and know me
I’m but a poor circus freak

Pick your head up
Come down to the pub
Called lonelier men than he

Talking of god
They all shook their rods
And took their recursive confessions

Drinking red wine
They turn on a dime
And cast off their yesterdays vow

there is no one to trust in
I guess I am the same

God sets us all into motion
Man is the one to be blamed

I’ve read the sign
I’ve seen the light
was lost, but now I’m found
Track Name: Ghetto-Blast
oh Rebellion
We are just the same
ain’t that a childish thing
searching for a place to stay

oh Rebellion
We are just the same
ain’t that a childish thing
searching for a place to stay

you aren’t that different
if you learned to fly
somebody clipped your wings
would you ever sleep alone

oh Temptation
if you learned to fly
ain’t that a deadly thing
would you ever sleep alone

oh Temptation
I fell to my knees
ain’t that a deadly thing
so I could forgive myself

you aren’t that different
if I learned to cry
somebody clipped your wings
would I start to feel alone

and I never saw you
I, I’ve never seen
on that morning ooo
you sleeping in the morning.

and I never saw you
No I, I’ve never seen
on that morning ooo
you sleeping in the morning.